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Updated: May 28, 2021

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA - (January 07, 2021) Duesenberg Technologies Inc. (OTCQB: DUSYF) (the “Company” or “Duesenberg”), an OTCQB-listed issuer, is pleased to announce that on January 07, 2021, Duesenberg Inc. of Reno Nevada – a wholly owned subsidiary of Duesenberg Technologies Inc. had signed a contract with Rocket Supreme,the Barcelona, Spain automotive design house established by renowned automotive designer, Christopher Reitz. Christopher is a member of the Porsche family and has headed up

several design and project teams such as Audi’s Advance Design, Global Nissan Design Strategy, Alfa Romeo and Fiat.

The agreement spearheads the rebirth of the illustrious Duesenberg brand, which plans to capture the ethos that established Duesenberg at the pinnacle of USA automotive culture in Luxury Electric Vehicle segment. As Reitz explains: “We are privileged to be given this unique opportunity to honour the most incredible design stories ever seen, such as the Duesenberg SSJ Boattail and the Coupé Simone Midnight Ghost. What’s more,

echoing the spirit of August and Fred Duesenberg, we will be innovating, in this case by interpreting a brief to create a truly sustainable Duesenberg vehicle range, positioned within the top echelon of the US and global luxury market.” Reitz continued: “It’s all about sustainable design. Our focus is to ensure not only that we design aestheticallyelegant

Duesenberg cars, but to do so in a manner where functionality is entirely in sync with today’s ecological and sustainability needs”.

In closing, Reitz said: “We are focusing on renewable material technology - internally and externally, and every element of the new Duesenberg designs will combine with an engineering approach that is environmentally optimised.”

Joe Lim, CEO and Chairman of Duesenberg Inc., commented: We are thrilled to have Christopher Reitz and his design team on board at this celebration of Duesenberg’s rebirth. “

The design of the first Duesenberg is scheduled to be released in 2021.

Duesenberg-Reitz announcement - 07012021
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